Commissioners of the Sinking Fund Semi-Annual Report

Commission of Sinking Fund Semi-Annual Report
The Ohio Treasurer of State prepares the Commission of Sinking Fund semi-annual report, covering general obligation bond balances and activity on the cash basis of accounting.  It provides Ohio citizens, taxpayers, customers, investors and creditors accountability for the money the state borrows.  All information presented is unaudited.

The report includes brief summaries on the status of state:
• General obligation bonds;
• Debt service requirements and funding sources;
• Changes in debt principal, including issuances and maturities, interest and accreted principal paid;
• Net interest rate swap receipts realized and net interest rate swap payments. 

It also presents more detailed descriptions and financial information on the nine types of outstanding general obligation bonds and their associated debt service funds as well as historical information on retired general obligation bond issues
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Commission of the Sinking Fund Semi-Annual Report - December 31, 2016

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In accordance with Section 11 of Article VIII, Ohio Constitution and Section 129.22, Ohio Revised Code, a full and detailed report of the commission’s proceedings is submitted to the Governor and members of the General Assembly.