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ReEnergize Ohio Contractors

Who can fulfill the improvements or install energy-efficient upgrades?

If installation is necessary to implement your facility improvements and energy-efficient upgrades, the upgrades can be installed in a number of ways listed below. It is important to note that a copy of firm bids, contracts, or receipts from project expenses are required with the submission of your application.

Self-Installation: A borrower may complete their own facility improvements or install energy efficiency upgrades with proper documentation. For self-installations, the Treasurer’s office requires copies of all receipts pertaining to the project.
General Contractors: The Treasurer’s office does not recommend or require specific general contractors be used to participate in ReEnergize Ohio. Contingent on the lender’s approval, the small business owner can select any contractor to perform the installation, retrofit, or facility rehabilitation.
Performance Contractors: Performance contractors may also be used by small businesses, contingent on the lender’s approval. Energy performance contracts guarantee a certain amount of savings on the cost of energy and water expenses that will help offset some of the costs of facility and infrastructure renewal projects. With the help of performance contractors, you can reduce your facility’s operating costs and improve the condition and value of your building and production assets. Many of these companies offer services that improve building systems and equipment efficiencies and reduce operational costs, while ensuring environmental quality and occupant comfort is maintained. 

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