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Online Course Disclaimer: INV 320

This course has been approved by the Treasurer of State’s Office to fulfill the additional training requirement found in Ohio Revised Code 135.14, 135.142, and 135.35 that allows you to invest in commercial paper and bankers acceptances instruments.  

Please note this online course was taped prior to the passage of Senate Bill 287 (130th General Assembly).  Effective September 4, 2014, this legislation shifted approval authority for the additional training requirement to the Treasurer of State’s Office from the Auditor of State’s Office.  

At the end of this online course, you will receive a certification of hours form attached to the course completion email.  Make sure to indicate on the form that you are seeking the Treasurer of State credit.  If you are receiving the additional training the Treasurer of State’s Office will email your certificate of completion following the submission of the certification of hours form.  
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